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Poppo will always take “building an close and real interpersonal community and creating a fun and interesting entertainment platform” as its mission to help people find the beauty around them and enjoy the fun of life!

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From strange to familiar, it's more than a little bit of excitement!

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POPPO LIVE is a live streaming platform. With the mission of connecting countries around the world, building a real interpersonal community and creating a fun and interesting entertainment platform, and the goal of building high-quality online stars, we hope to realize the star dream of hundreds of millions of ordinary people through our continuous efforts. POPPO will recommend social talents all over the world. How to establish a relationship with people in social relations is a very meaningful step. If you want to make friends from other countries, just open POPPO LIVE!

"We don't just sell products; we craft experiences, fulfill dreams, and strengthen connections. Together, we create unforgettable stories."

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  • Application Process: Learn about the steps and requirements for becoming an agent.
  • Eligibility: Find out if there are any specific qualifications or criteria for agent applicants.
  • Approval Timeline: Understand how long it takes to get approved as an agent.
  • Registration: click here
  • Role and Duties: Explore the responsibilities and tasks expected of agents.
  • Sales Targets: Are there specific sales targets or goals agents need to achieve?
  • Reporting: Understand if there are any reporting requirements for agents.
  • Commission Structure: Learn about the commission structure and how it works.
  • Payment Process: Understand how and when agents receive their earnings.
  • Bonuses and Incentives: Find out if there are any performance-based bonuses or incentives.
  • Training and Development: Discover the training programs and resources provided to agents.
  • Agent Support: Understand the kind of support agents can expect from the company.
  • Marketing Materials: Access marketing materials or tools to help promote products or services.

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