By becoming an agent in Poppo Live App, many people earn thousands of dollars at home. Are you also looking for Poppo Agency Registration? If yes, then worry-free.

At the end of this article, you will know all the secrets related to Poppo Agency, and in a few weeks, you will start earning money by creating your own Poppo Agency.

What Is Poppo App?

Poppo Live is the top social live streaming and earning application; it allows female hosts, streamers, models, or influencers to earn money by showing their talent in live streaming.

Another main thing is that you can earn a great commission by creating an agency in Poppo to hire pretty hosts and effective sub-agencies, which we will explain further.

How to become an agent in Poppo live?

The Poppo app is on the hunt for new agencies from all over the world. Are you interested? You can start earning from home as a Poppo agent with a few easy steps. Let’s get started!

Poppo App Agency Registration Process

  1. Download the Poppo app from Google Play or Apple Store.
  2. Sign up and log in with your phone number.
  3. Copy the Poppo ID number from below the profile picture in the app.
  4. Open the Poppo Agency Registration link. (or open below “Button”.)
  5. Enter your copied Poppo ID number.
  6. Click on the “Get” button to receive the verification code.
  7. Check the verification code in your Poppo ID in the system message option.
  8. Enter verification code (OTP).
  9. Finally, click on the “submit” button.
  10. After 10 minutes, the Agency will be activated.

NOTEComplete face authentication before applying to the agency; the verification code is valid for 3 minutes only. And enter your Poppo ID only to receive verification code in your Poppo ID.

Poppo Agency Commission Ratio

  • Agency commission ratio is calculated by the total income of all host under your agency in the last 30 days.
  • If host received a gift, agency commission will be added instantly.
  • Agency Commission amount = Host Earnings x Commission Ratio.
  • Agencies Earnings = Host Earnings + agent commission rate – sub-agency commission ratio * Earnings ( See Chart below).

Example: The user who recharges 2000USD can get 1,90,00,000 Coins Max,

Host can received around $1500 or above,

Agency can received around 300USD or more.

NOTE: Every host income will be added from the received gift during Live, call, chat and Party. revenue from task reward or platform reward will be not counted as a income but they can withdraw all that reward amount.

How To Add Host In Poppo Agency?

Poppo provides 2 simple way to add your hostesses in Poppo agency.

  1. Add with your agency ID.
  2. Using Host Id number and Host code.

1.Add Host With Your Agency ID.

  1. Host need to download & create profile using phone option.
  2. After she need to go my my agent option.
  3. Then ask the host to enter your agency ID and press the Apply To Join button, then the host will be added successfully.

2. Add With Host ID + Host Code.

  1. First ask your host to Download the Poppo app.
  2. After that create ID from phone number and ask to complete face verification.
  3. Then ask the host for their Poppo ID and Host Code (they can check it by going to the My Agent option in the Poppo app).
  4. Now agent has to open his Poppo ID and click on “add host” option, then enter host ID and host code and click on send invitation button.
  5. The host will then receive an agency joining request within the system message section in their Poppo App ID. When the host clicks on the Join Now button, they will successfully join your agency.

How To Add Agencies in Poppo?

By inviting agencies to the Poppo app, you can earn a significant amount of commission as well as giving other people a chance to earn money.

Here you can see step by step how you can invite other agencies or sub-agents to Poppo app.

  1. Open your Poppo ID and click on agent option.
  2. Click invite agent button, then your invitation link will open in a new page.
  3. Send the link to those whom you want to invite by clicking on the copy button.
  4. Once they create Poppo ID and fill the form with the invitation link, they will become agents.

Your Income from sub-agents = (Your commission rate − invited agents commission ratio) × All earning of invited agent’s hosts.

Withdrawal Process For Poppo

Once you have earned 10USD then you can withdraw it anytime. hers is steps to withdraw money from Poppo.

  1. Open app and click to “agent” option.
  2. Click to remaining points.
  3. Add withdrawal method or choose anyone if you have already.
  4. Tap on “Withdraw Now” Button.
  5. Enter withdrawal amount.
  6. Touch the “Submit” button.
  7. That’s it was method to withdraw money for Poppo Agency.

Requirement For Poppo Agent

  • It is mandatory for the agent to add at least 5 active hosts within a week. (active hosts = hosts who have live streamed 6 hours in a week).
  • The host who is already working in Poppo. Can’t try to add him to your agency, can be removed from the agency if found out.
  • The agency has to behave well with the host and solve their problems.
  • Agent is strictly prohibited from promoting any third party company or apps in the app.

NOTE: If agent take agency from our website then for any kind of help they can contact us anytime, we will solve immediately.

We hope that now you have learned very well “How to become an agent in Poppo Live App” and “Earn money from Poppo Live App”.

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